Since our establishment in 1920, our family has been mastering the art of maple sugaring. Since 2009, we have started a new mission.  Our focus is now on specialty syrups that bring a sense of community and innovation to the table, literally.


Our Mission

We want to provide the best maple syrup for everyone and to get people thinking about all, new and old, uses for maple syrup. It is our hope that this creates a sense of community and opens up doors for collaboration among family, friends, and co-workers.

The wood family

Our family has owned this land in Randolph, Vermont for five generations – now working on the sixth. The first generations were farmers, and like many other Vermonters in those days, they grew and processed all of their own food from the land they lived on. Things have changed a bit – what remains from what was once a 1000-acre farm is 54-acres of mostly maple trees. As years have past, we have gone from tapping 800 trees to more than 5200 trees this past year. Up until 2009, a good year would've produced 75 gallons of syrup. We are now making more than 1700 gallons of syrup in a year.

The Team