Meet The Yum

After months of development and millions of dollars in focus group work . We have finally created a character that we are certain our factory food shareholders will be very impressed with [ grin] .. Yeah RIGHT.. ON OPPOSITE DAY ! !  That's not at all how we created our little Wild Yum.

Seriously . ok well, not tooo seriously – all joking aside.. hmmm never! The facts: We created this company to do our part in providing all natural alternatives to factory food and the fake ingredients they overwhelmingly pump our food with like bleach and corn syrup.. We approached our Wild Yum character with the same premise, nothing fake, no focus groups, no expensive ad agency just our firends and family and our imaginations ..   Our Wild Yum actually came very easily - We simply imagined what one of these little characters , running around the woods might look like.. gather delicious uninterrupted food, nature created for him... and within a day or two, The Wild Yum was born. A fun loving character who is rumored to rumble around the forest and field gathering yummy treats to share with his clan, gently assembled recipes created all natural, super yummy food for kids ( and parents); Raspberry smash, Apple pie, Blueberry Crush maple syrups, Awesomely tasty hardy cereals, super power energy bars, sweet and savory snacks and BBQ rubs sure to please the most finicky eaters. Made with only ingredients straight from the Earth and as far from processed factory food as you could ever ask for!

Al, and I along with our families hope you enjoy The Wild Yum's fun adventures around the forest and fields and at the same time enjoy the food we so loving make for our hungry friends around the world.

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