June 04, 2022

Maple Burger Sliders Make your sliders -
seasoning recipe below
Assemble the Sliders From the bottom
Slice of cucumber - light sprinkle of salt
Slice of tomato Burger -
I melted Maple Chedder from Vt Farmstead Cheese on top
Beet relish
Carmelized Onions
Wood’s Tiger Sauce
Cucumber - light sprinkle of salt
Maple Burger Seasoning
¼ Wood’s Maple Sugar
2 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp black crushed pepper
½ tsp ground red pepper flakes
1 tsp pink salt
For 3lbs of hamburger I add ⅛ cup of the seasoning - or what ever amount you think is best. Make your burgers or sliders to the size you desire. I get the patties ready in the morning and let them rest in the frig for the day.
When I get home from work i can get right to cooking!