November 06, 2021

The ingredients: 
All your choice but we used these 
Cheeses @ 1.5 cups of each, shred the hard cheeses
Pepper Jack
Goat (your choice)
Herbs @ 1 TBS of each:
Spices @ 1 TBS of Each:
Garlic salt 
Onion powder 
Fresh garlic
Shells - 1/2 box
Penne - full box
Other ingredients: ½ gallon of milk, @ 10 tbs cornstarch, 1 stick of butter, 1 jar Wood’s Smoked Maple Habanero Mustard - you will need ½ of the jar.
The Build:
Cook and drain your pasta as preferred. Add @ 1 stick of softened butter, and the herbs, stir and set aside, keep warm.
Make the cheese sauce when you're done with the pasta, it takes some attention so you don’t burn the cheese sauce….. And the cheese is expensive… burnt cheese - ugh no return usually.
Add @½ of gallon of milk in large pot and bring to a low simmer, scoop out 1 cup of warm milk and whisk in @ 10 TBS of cornstarch, add this back to your simmering milk, stir in your spices, now start adding cheeses - one at a time, allowing them to melt into milk mixture, before adding the next one, add in ½ jar or (4oz) of Wood’s Smoke Maple Habanero Mustard.  
Taste the cheese sauce and adjust now as needed. Pour the cheese sauce over your pasta, stir into pasta, add to your serving bowl, add any toppings of your choice, bacon, more herbs, etc.
I like to serve in a crock pot, and this recipe will fill a normal crock pot. 
Note: Make the cheese sauce to your liking - thicker, thinner, use different cheeses, serve with the toppings of your choice.  
Cooking should be fun and inspire good conversations.