1/2 Gallon Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

Every weekend I'm asked if we have a bigger size or the bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup. IT'S HERE! Everything the original bottle has, just way more to share and enjoy! No need to hide this one!!

Learning more and more about what Bourbon is and how it is made was something I have always been interested in. Long conversations with friends and family about anything Bourbon related. One topic we always talked about is how a good desert becomes when you pair the right drink with it. I want you to have a taste of what this topic came to be!

This Bourbon Syrup is aged in Bourbon Barrels for 4-6 months allowing our syrup to attract the flavor and aromas of the Bourbon. There is no more than a trace of alcohol making this kid-friendly which was a must for me. 

Examples - 

1. Salmon

2. Shrimp

3. Brisket

4. Pancakes/Waffles

5. Granola

6. Salad

7. Coffee/Tea

8. Ice Cream