About us


Our family has owned this land in Randolph, Vermont producing maple syrup for five generations. The first generations were farmers, and like many other Vermonters in those days, they grew and processed all of their own food from the land they lived on. 

Today we have a 54-acre farm with mostly maple trees. We started by tapping 800 trees with buckets and have grown to 4,800 trees this year. Up until 2008, a good harvest was producing 75 gallons of maple syrup a year with fewer trees. Today we are making more than 2000 gallons of syrup each year. 

This is Arthur, he was the second generation to start Wood's Vermont Syrup Company. 


This is Al, the fourth generation owner. Al was born and raised here in Randolph. He has been sugaring all his life and is an expert in sugar making. He is happy, charismatic, and is always coming up with new ideas to improve his product. 

Title: Chief Maple Master

owner al


Meet Al's Parents Albert and Becky. Albert Sr. is the second generation to craft maple syrup and to pass it down to his son as his father did before. Albert and Becky help with all aspects of the business from making syrup to selling it.  

al's parents

Meet Jackson, he is Al's son and the fifth generation of sugar makers. He is standing next to his grandfather in this photo. Jackson helps out with the operation when he is home from college!


This is Naomi, Al and Deb's Daughter.  She helps with maple weekend. 

Meet Al's son Christian, he is currently in the woods looking for another tree to tap. Christian keeps the operation going by tapping, filling, labeling, and any job that arises. 

Meet Noreen, she is Al's sister and the General Manager at Wood's Vermont Syrup Company. She is Al's right-hand woman. 

Meet Morgan & Shea, Noreen's daughters pack all mail order, label, fill, clean, and sell maple syrup. In this picture, they are standing next to one of our trees that holds two to three buckets. This tree is >100 years old! 

Morgan and Shaey