BS Smoky Margarita

BS Smoky Margarita

We all have those days—days when nothing seems to go right, when things feel chaotic and overwhelming, and when we just need a moment to unwind and let go of all the BS. For those moments, we have the perfect elixir that will help you reclaim your sanity and lift your spirits: the BS (Bitter Sweet) Smoky Margarita. This smoky, bold, and beautifully balanced cocktail will turn those "BS" days into a memorable and enjoyable experience. And the best part? It's sweetened with the rich and natural goodness of Wood's Maple Syrup, adding a touch of comfort to every sip.

The Maple Syrup Twist:

You might be wondering, why add maple syrup to a margarita? Well, dear reader, Wood's Maple Syrup brings a unique dimension to this cocktail. Its natural sweetness, coupled with subtle caramel and vanilla undertones, complements the smoky mezcal and the zing of lime. It's a delightful twist that makes this margarita experience one-of-a-kind.

Raise a Glass to the BS (Bitter Sweet):

Now, it's time to sit back, take a sip, and savor the moment. As you enjoy the BS Smoky Margarita, embrace the imperfections and challenges that life throws your way. Sometimes, it's the little things—a well-crafted cocktail, the company of good friends, or even a moment of solitude—that can turn a BS day into something extraordinary.

Mocktail Option:

If you prefer a non-alcoholic version, you can easily adapt this recipe into a smoky maple limeade. Simply replace the tequila and mezcal with an equal amount of smoky-flavored non-alcoholic spirit, and you'll have a mocktail that's just as enticing and enjoyable.

In Conclusion:

When the days are BS, there's no need to wallow in frustration. Instead, shake things up with a BS Smoky Margarita, where the smoky flavors and the comforting touch of Wood's Maple Syrup will turn your mood around. Remember, life's imperfections are what make it beautiful and worth celebrating. So, cheers to embracing the BS and finding joy in the journey! Drink responsibly, and enjoy the moments that make life extraordinary.

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