Bourbon Maple Chocolate Chick Cookie

Bourbon Maple Chocolate Chick Cookie

Indulge in the heavenly goodness of Bourbon Maple Chocolate Chick Cookies, where luscious taste meets health benefits. This recipe, adapted from, and is a testament to the exquisite taste that Wood's Vermont Maple Co. brings to your kitchen. Wood's Bourbon Maple Syrup not only adds a unique and delightful flavor to these lovely little cookies, but also brings a wealth of health! The inclusion of chickpeas, a protein powerhouse, boosts the nutritional profile, providing a dose of fiber and essential nutrients. Himalayan salt along with our maple adds a touch of minerals, enhancing the balance of flavors. The recipe's reliance on Lilly’s chocolate chips, with reduced sugar content, aligns with a health-conscious approach. As a result, these cookies offer a guilt-free treat that combines pleasure with nutrition. Elevate your snacking experience with a cookie recipe that caters to adult's taste buds and well-being. 

These cookies have stood up to the toughest critics in our house and NO ONE ever guesses what's in them.


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