German Pancake

German Pancake

If a crêpe and a popover had a happy little baby, it would be a German Pancake! These sheet-style pancakes are light and look like Van Gogh cooked them! We topped these babies with sliced apple and pineapple, then drizzled them with Wood's Blueberry Crush Maple Syrup and Wood's Sprinkles, which were the perfect compliment to some awesome Venison Blueberry Bratwurst we got from Showalter's Country Meats in Windsor KY! If you ever have a chance to visit their shop, you're in for a treat and a feast.  They'll fill your belly with deliciousness faster than you can fill your cart!

Quick and simple, this recipe is a must-have in your brunch arsenal. It'll go with almost anything and is the perfect canvas to add your favorite maple flavors to!

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