Maple Chai Tea Latte

Maple Chai Tea Latte

Maple Chai Tea Latte: A Cozy Sip of Comfort

Embrace the warmth of a Maple Chai Tea Latte, a comforting blend of aromatic spices and the sweetness of Wood's Vermont Maple Sugar. Begin your journey by infusing the robust flavors of ground cinnamon, ginger, and allspice into two tea bags, creating a fragrant base that promises a cozy experience.

Boil the concoction in a cup of water, allowing the spices to weave their magic. Meanwhile, in a separate pan, heat whole milk to perfection, adding a quarter-cup of Wood's Vermont Maple Sugar for that touch of natural sweetness that elevates your latte game.

Now, combine the spiced tea infusion and maple-kissed milk, creating a velvety elixir that dances on your taste buds. Add a generous splash of refrigerated French Vanilla creamer for a creamy texture that rounds out this delightful drink.

Optional: Crown your Maple Chai Tea Latte with a dollop of whipped topping and a sprinkle of ground nutmeg for an extra layer of indulgence. Serve this soothing beverage on a chilly afternoon or whenever you crave the perfect blend of spice and sweetness. Maple Chai Tea Latte – a sip of warmth in every cup!

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